Review of the Vivo Y72 Smartphone

Vivo Y 72 – a smartphone that looks like a clamshell? It’s tough to believe that a smartphone could be a clamshell. But this is true. The phone is made out of aluminum and has an unbroken metallic body finish. The two-tone style is also unique and a nice change from the usual black and silver colors.

Vivo has launched its latest smartphone Vivo Y 72 in India just today, 15 July last year. Its key features and pricing indicate that it will easily compete with Realme 8 Pro which is the other leading smartphone in the same price range. The new version of Vivo Y 72 has been launched in India by Vivo Phones Limited in collaboration with I-Tech Medical. The Indian version of Vivo Y 72 comes with a powerful chipset which supports multitasking. Vivo claims that this smartphone has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. This mobile phone has an elegant design, sleek look and the complete package including a high definition camera, text messaging facility, quick connect, proximity sensor and premium content sharing facilities.

The Vivo Y72 comes with a 16 mega pixel resolution camera and features a 12 mega pixels camera lens. The camera has OCA-LIT conversion technology for higher quality images and also support of OMAE-LIT conversion technology for superior optical quality. The camera also has a front light capturing capability, which helps to capture bright images with minimal light pollution. The back light capturing ability of this handset has made it a popular choice in the telecommunication market.

The Vivo Y72 has an easy to use interface and includes a familiar user interface which makes it easy to use. It includes a conventional power management system and microSD card slot for memory expansion. It has a unique three dimensional user interface design with smooth vivo y72 functionality and a large dedicated icons for navigating different applications. The connectivity features include Bluetooth, EDGE and USB and it has a standard notification LED that lets users know the battery power levels.

The phone also includes a unique feature called dimming. This uses the built in battery to save power and energy and the result is the reduction in standby drain. The phone has a unique feature known as the Notebook mode wherein it enables the user to use only the standard apps available without any widgets that are known as Live Wallpapers. The Vivo Y72 comes with a standard microSD card but the external sims can be inserted using the micro-SD adaptor provided by the Vivo store.

The compact size of the Vivo Y72 allows it to be placed into a pocket. The device offers a five megapixel camera, which has an f/2.0 lens. It has the capacity to record video at normal or high speed and the front and rear cameras have dual-tone LED flash. The camera has a self-cleaning feature, which ensures that the device remains free of dust and even after being submerged in water for approximately twenty minutes. The connectivity options on this product include wifi and gps, which enable the user to connect to the internet anywhere in the world.

Review of the Vivo Y72 Smartphone
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